Gear and Nutrition for Kokoro

Having the right gear and nutrition strategy is critical for success at Kokoro. I’ll review what I did and offer some suggestions.


I bought regular white t-shirts from a drug store for like $10 for a pack. You don’t need anything better than that. You want at least 8 shirts at Kokoro…change your shirt every single chance you get so you’re dry. Having a dry shirt also gives you a little morale boost.

For pants, I rocked ripstop TDU pants from 5.11 Tactical. These pants are frigging awesome and I highly recommend them if you can afford it. They’re comfortable, durable, and performed decently despite not being the ideal pant for working out. They’re chock full of features like having cool pockets-within-pockets and a snug-fitting but flexible waistband that is critical for the amount of movement you’re doing. I only brought two pairs, which worked okay, but I recommend having three pairs.

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Review: 5.11 Rush MOAB 10 Shoulder Pack

I recently had the good fortune to demo some gear from 5.11 Tactical, an apparel and gear company that primarily markets to law enforcement, military, and firefighting professionals. They makes tons of quality stuff, though, and regular civilian types like me find their gear useful for everyday purposes. If you’ve been reading my blog since the beginning, you may recall I used 5.11 Tactical base garments for the GoRuck Challenge, all of which performed admirably.

For this review I’m rocking the Rush MOAB 10, a shoulder bag. Let me disclaim right off the bat, I can’t test gear from a tactical perspective…in other words, I don’t own a gun and I don’t have any AR-15 mags laying around to stuff into the mag pockets. With that being said, I find it strangely appealing that my bag has mag pockets.

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GoRuck Gear Test

With the Florida GoRuck Challenge right around the corner (December 29), I decided to do a training run in full gear to test all the stuff I’ve put together. The run was a 90 minutes with thirty pounds loaded into my pack. Temps were in the low 40’s and windy, which is almost exactly what the projected conditions will be on Wednesday for the real deal. I see the GoRuck as a big gear challenge, nearly as much as it is a physical challenge; having the right gear can make a big difference over 7 hours of severe cold, wind, and wet.

Previously, me and two of Crossfit pals did a 8.5 mile run that took 2’20” to complete. We all rucked 30 lbs. Temps were warm and we did it after a really tough WOD that had all of us exhausted before we started the run…so I was feeling good about 90′.

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