About Ben

I freelance regularly as a Website developer, WordPress, and SEO expert. If you’re interested in hiring me please email me at firstrunmedia at gmail dot com. 

I’ve been playing organized sports for over 25 years, including basketball, lacrosse, swimming, ultimate frisbee, and competitive rowing. I rowed for the club men’s team at University of Florida and have rowed ever since.

I coached rowing for 12 years, including at NCAA Division I programs. My stops have included Texas, Duke, Florida Tech, Central Florida, and Louisville. I’ve had success at the state, regional, and national level and several of my athletes have gone on to make the US National team.

I retired from coaching as a career to pursue opportunities in Web technology and move back to sunny Florida.

I got into CrossFit in 2009 as a way to change up my strength and conditioning routine. I decided to put rowing on the backburner in 2012 and focus on CrossFit because I enjoyed it so much.

I’m a member of CrossFit Firebase and I handle their SEO and online marketing projects. I did the SEO for the site and also implemented their AdWords campaign, which helped bring our membership to one of the largest in the Central Florida area.

I completed Kokoro Camp 25 in August of 2012, the hardest and most intense athletic accomplishment of my life.

I’m passionate about writing and blogging in particular. I have 10 years of experience as a freelance writer for Rowing magazine, where I did race reports, features, interviews, and gear reviews. I’m also a freelance writer for CrossFit Media and WODTalk Magazine.

In addition, I do content management and work on various Web projects for Sparks Consulting.

  • Michaelknaisch

    Great post, Ben. Heard you were at our event at CrossFit lakeland. A bunch of us are doing the GRC in key west. Are you in on that one? Thought about doing the Ascent? I signed up last week.

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  • David Raymond

    Hey Ben. What is swambunkered???