SEO for Heacock Classic Web Site

I was recently involved with a web site project as a freelancer for CNP in Winter Haven, Florida. My services included creating a web strategy for Heacock Classic Insurance, SEO of the re-designed web site, and an SEO analysis and opportunities report delivered to the client. This was my first project for CNP and it went smoothly from start to finish. See here for the re-designed Heacock Classic site, which launched barely two weeks ago.


Heacock Classic sells insurance for classic, collector, antique and other fun type cars. At one point, Heacock was in the top 5 in Google’s organic rankings but had fallen off pretty badly to the tune of not being in top 3-4 pages by the start of the project. There are only a few major players ranking in the online classic car insurance niche, so I figured it wouldn’t be too difficult to get Heacock competing again. Heacock derives much of their business from online searches and they’ve been spending a good chunk of their marketing budget on Adwords.

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