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CSS Radio Show 009 – New Year, New Playlist!

Hula HoopNeed some dance music to get dat ass moving? Need to take the Saturday gathering to the next level? I present to you CSS Radio Show 009, the first of the 2017. I really like this one because it starts off with 10 straight heaters to catalyze the fist pumping and rump shaking. All have trap/bass features. The backend of the list has more commercial/pop EDM. 

Also, what’s going on with The Chainsmokers? They pumped out another chart friendly earworm with Paris, released least last week, that sounds nothing like their live show. 

Banger of the Week: VIPs, Skrillex & MUST DIE! Skrillz gets seriously nasty on this thing. Bassy AF. 

Funkiest Track: My Number, Major Lazer & Bad Apple. This track starts off almost reggae and gets funky and ass bouncing right around the 1:30 mark. Love it. 

Remix of the Week: Need You, Dillon Francis & NGHTMRE (Popskil remix). Never heard of Popskil but he took an already awesome track and gave it a unique and highly listenable spin. 

Cool Down Track of the Week: Omertà, EDX. For when you’re ready to sit on the couch and chill for a minute. 


CSS Radio Show 008 – Best of 2016 Bangers, House, & Hot Tracks

Here’s my mix of favorite EDM and Dance tracks of 2016. I’m sure I’m missing some really great songs…if so, please let me know. This includes a bit of everything, from commercial EDM to trap-y stuff to straight up festival bangers. It also includes a handful of excellent remixes of popular tunes that came out the year before and are well worth listening to. 

Banger of the YearDope Girlz, Steve Aoki & Shaun Frank. This track just rocks. 

Banger of the Year IISweet Memories, CID & Kaskade. Hooray Kaskade!! The music video is boss and features dancing Asian children dressed in suits completely crushing it:

Remix of the Year: There were a ton of good remixes in 2016, but my favorite is a remix of a track that is already one of the best of the year: Anywhere, Dillon Francis & Will Heard (A-Trak remix). A-Trak up tempos an already great track and makes it an even dancier. It’s perfect. Also be sure to check out the Roses, Closer, and Cold Water remixes.  

Chill Track: Roadkill, EDX. Love this deep house track from the Swiss producer. 

Best Remix of a Song That Kinda Sucked to Begin With: My Way, Calvin Harris (Tiesto remix). I hated My Way when it debuted and Tiesto did some good work to toughen and bouncify this track into something worth listening to. 

Best Dutch House Track: Dutch House is practically it’s own genre, with a huge output from so many good producers. Don Diablo and Oliver Heldens are at the very top of my list of favorite Dutchies. My #1 Dutch track came out way back in the beginning of January: Waiting, Oliver Heldens & Throttle. It never fails to get my ass shaking. 

Best Track: This is a tie.

I) Hung Up by Tritonal. Chainsmokers had a lot of great Top 40 type output in 2016, but this is the track they wish they made that Tritonal made instead and thank goodness for that. I listen to Hung Up over and over and it always moves me. 

II) Shelter by Madeon & Porter Robinson is amazeballs and such a unique track. Also, what? A 6 minute anime video with a little girl getting shot into space and living in the Matrix? 


CSS Radio Show 007

Had a recent conversation about favorite James Bond films and I responded that Spectre is my favorite, although I have super fond memories of Moonraker. Moonraker doesn’t age well but it was a blast when I was a kid. I mean, look at the poster for this thing:

James Bond Moonraker poster


CSS Radio Show 006 – EDC Orlando Pre-Party Mix

EDC animated gif

BOOM!! Over two and half hours of madness to get you pumped up for A) EDC Orlando, B) your weekend, C) whatever it is you’re doing, or D) a barrage of laser beams and bass waves right to the dome. Put this on random or listen to straight through and PUT THE VOLUME SLIDERS ALL THE WAY THE FUCK UP.


CSS Radio Show 005

CSS Radio Show 005Spotlighted tracks:
Fist Pumper #1: Keep Calm, Jay Karama. This is a serious banger by the Aussie newcomer. Love it.

Fist Pumper #2: WORK IT, Quintino. Ass kicking electro house. This track is so ridic.

Cooldown Track: So Long (feat. Madi), Slushii & Madi. Honorable mention goes to Candyman by Zedd & Aloe Blacc.

Phat Remix: Don’t Let Me Down – Illenium Remix, Chainsmokers, Daya, Illenium. One of those situations where the remix might be better than the original. Be sure to check out the Illenium guest mix on Nice Hair radio 027, which is totally dope.


CSS Radio Show 004 – Hurricane Matthew Mix

Boom ok here is CSS Radio Show 004. If you haven’t listened to 001 – 003, search my Spotify and figure it out.

This mix is prepared especially if this is about to happen to your state:


Battle for LLS – Spotify Playlists

Battle for LLS pictureThanks to everyone who competed, attended, and volunteered to make the Battle for LLS fitness competition such a great success! The event ran like clockwork and everyone had a blast. Big thanks to CrossFit Winter Park for hosting. We raised over $5,500 for the fundraiser and had a great day of competition.

Interested in the music from the competition? Here are the Spotify playlists from all three WODs…nearly 9 hours of music to make your rump shake. The national anthem track was LeAnn Rhimes. You can also find the playlists directly on my Spotify profile.


Dehacking a Symlink Attack on a WordPress Website

Recently one of my clients received a warning notice via Google Webmaster Tools that one of our sites was the target of a phishing hack. I checked it out and sure enough, if you copied the long URL it provided into your browser bar, it displayed the dreaded red warning page:google_warning


Interview with Elly Kabboord, CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup Champion

team-mayhemRecently I had the pleasure of interviewing Elly Kabboord, one-sixth of the CrossFit Mayhem team that won the 2015 CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup competition. (You may recognize Mayhem as the team that Rich Froning Jr. is a part of). Elly is a former member of CrossFit Firebase, my gym, and I was able to sneak in an interview while she was on vacation in Florida.

I took the opportunity to find out what it was like training with Rich and what the experience was like competing, and winning, the Games. To give a little background on Elly, she is a former varsity athlete at the University of Florida in track and cross country, has been a CrossFit athlete for over 4 years, and has competed at Regionals several times.

Interview after the jump.


How to Prevent Hacker Attacks on WordPress Sites

malwareWarning1I recently completed a dehacking project for one of my customer WordPress sites. The site had been the target of multiple brute force attacks and one of the user passwords was compromised by a bot. Once the hacker had access, files were created on the server that corrupted the website and spam links were injected on many posts and pages. Without going into too much detail, dehacking the site was a major pain in the rear, a multi-hour affair.

The worse part of the situation was Google picked up on the site hack and displayed a HUGE red “This site has been hacked” message upon entry to the site and also displayed a message in the SERPs. It took several weeks to get the messages removed. In the meantime, site traffic dropped down to nothing. For all the intents and purposes, the website was shutdown.


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