How to Prevent Hacker Attacks on WordPress Sites

malwareWarning1I recently completed a dehacking project for one of my customer WordPress sites. The site had been the target of multiple brute force attacks and one of the user passwords was compromised by a bot. Once the hacker had access, files were created on the server that corrupted the website and spam links were injected on many posts and pages. Without going into too much detail, dehacking the site was a major pain in the rear, a multi-hour affair.

The worse part of the situation was Google picked up on the site hack and displayed a HUGE red “This site has been hacked” message upon entry to the site and also displayed a message in the SERPs. It took several weeks to get the messages removed. In the meantime, site traffic dropped down to nothing. For all the intents and purposes, the website was shutdown.

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How to Get Your Business to Show Up on Google Maps

cfapopka_mapsIf you’re a new bricks-and-mortar business, the kind where you have office space or a store, you absolutely want to show up on Google Maps. You want people to find you easily and be able to drive to your location. How exactly does that happen? In this post, I’ll break down how to get your business on Google Maps.

First off, if you have a website and do nothing, you’ll eventually show up on Maps. Search engines will scan the address on your site and eventually the Google car will drive by to take pictures of your location. That process can take months, sometimes many months. If you want to speed the process up drastically, here is how you do it.

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CrossFit Apopka Website Launch

I recently launched the new website for CrossFit Apopka and I’m really happy with how it turned out. My client is opening his doors on April 4 and we had a short turnaround time in order to get a web presence up for people responding to his marketing and also to take advantage of any organic searches online. We launched the site a couple of days ago and already have potential clients responding and finding us via the Web.

Additionally, the new site went from the 3rd page of Google search results to the 1st page for certain search terms in just two weeks after the launch.

CrossFit Apopka

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Case Study: Removing a WordPress Defacement Hack

I manage and provide services for a number of WordPress site owners and recently one of client sites was hacked. When you surfed into the site URL, you were greeted with a defacement page that looked like this:


It included music, an animated GIF, and even a Facebook like button for the hacker! Understandably, my clients were shocked when they discovered it and so were several of their regular readers. We still had access to the site admin and other pages on the site, so I quickly logged in and did an assessment.

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New website

Signature Fitness

I recently completed a re-design of website. Signature Fitness is a gym in Orlando, Florida that specializes in elite personal training, fitness, and body building. I’ve been going there for about a year for their excellent personal training and I suggested that they re-do their website to get them on a CMS, help market their services, increase SEO visibility, and overall just give their web property a fresh look.

Their previous site was several years old and built on a Network Solutions account using their ecommerce/website builder tools. Two bigs issues with using Network Solutions is that the website builder tool isn’t particularly easy to use from a content management standpoint, and it’s expensive: $100 per month. I had Signature “downgrade” their account to a standard web hosting account and then installed WordPress as the CMS. This reduced their costs to a mere $120/year.

From there we chose a premium theme, the excellent Yamidoo Pro from WPZoom. Their themes are gorgeous and have tons of options for theme customizations. Cost here is a very reasonable $69 for a single user license.

After installing the theme, I spent some time customizing it and coming up with a content and navigation strategy. I also set up a YouTube channel for them to store their tons of video and embedded the video throughout the site using the Viper’s Video Quicktags plugin. I implemented everything and launched the site on 12/20/2010. Stop by and let me know what you think!