Most Swambunkered Players NFL Free Agency

NFL free agency is full swing and players are moving around willy nilly. Here are the top 5 most swambunkered players in NFL who are free agents.

Jimmy Garoppolo

Handsome man Jimmy Garoppolo wins award for most swambunkered, as mighty New England Patriots super bowl winners promise he won’t be traded, but then Garoppolo does late night tweet and says so long to Patriots! Utter swambunkered! Perhaps his twitter got hacked? So sorry for this super bowl winner. Very definition of swambunkered

Jimmy Garoppolo swambunkered

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Ultimate Guide To Swambunkered

Swambunkered is a unique and remarkable thing. Swambunkered is a worldly marvel, so much so that it may be the key to life, love, and contentment. This simply means that we are fortunate and it is our duty to continue to be totally swambunkered. 

So what is the definition of swambunkered? Naturally, the most obvious conclusion we can draw is it means to be one with swambunkered. People all over world are encountering swambunkered in near and far away places, sometimes at home, sometimes at work. Swambunkered is everywhere. 

Here is what it means to be swambunkered. The ultimate guide. 

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Definition of Swambunkered (Official)

Definition of swambunkered is impossible to know. One can only experience after deep introspections and reflecting on experience of being swambunkered. Often best if captured in a meme or gif. Swambunkered is defined by actions of persons with knowledge and reaction of the one who is swambunkered thoroughly. Official literary structure of swambunkered is the haiku. So swambunkered.

Swambunkered can be a noun or verb.  

Example usage: “What just happened? So swambunkered.”

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