Definition of Swambunkered (Official)

Definition of swambunkered is impossible to know. One can only experience after deep introspections and reflecting on experience of being swambunkered. Often best if captured in a meme or gif. Swambunkered is defined by actions of persons with knowledge and reaction of the one who is swambunkered thoroughly. Official literary structure of swambunkered is the haiku. So swambunkered.

Swambunkered can be a noun or verb.  

Example usage: “What just happened? So swambunkered.”

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Top 10 Valentine Gift Ideas for that Swambunkered Person in Your Life

Here is the Ultimate Swambunkered Valentine’s Day gift inspiration list for that special bae  in your Swambunkered life. Because that special day is right around the corner and you’re nervous! Here at Swambunkered HQ we’ve got you covered. Top picks for 2017 and beyond. 

Looking for #yummer candy ideas? Swambunkered top 5 list of candies for valentine’s day! 

10. Umbrella in the shape of a Swambunkered. Of Course. Keeps you dry rain or shine despite the odd shape. 

Swambunkered Umbrella

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