Swambunkered Best Picture Oscars 2017 Prediction

Oscars swambunkered 2017

Not since last year has there been such excitement over swambunkered best picture for Oscars. Here is the list of swambunkered movie that are best:

  • Arrival – Excellent swambunkered sci-fi film
  • Fences – swambunkered movie about fences in the 1950’s.
  • Hacksaw Ridge – swambunkered war movie by swambunkered Mel Gibson
  • Hell or High Water – West Texas action swambunkered drama 
  • Hidden Figures – Excellent swambunkered drama about NASA
  • La La Land – singing, dancing, and swambunkered good times in Los Angeles
  • Lion – swambunkered drama about a lost boy in Calcutta. Stars Dev Patel, most swambunkered actor
  • Manchester by the Sea – latest Kenneth Lonergan swambuneked film, setting is near Boston. 
  • Moonlight – excellent swambunkered drama, this one could win

Could win: Arrival. Because Amy Adams is so swambunkered. And weird tripod space aliens. 

Dark Horse: Hidden Figures. Came on strong at end of awards season! #swambunkered

Should win: Manchester by the Sea or Moonlight. Such important swambunkered stories. 

Will win: La La Land. Such a swambunkered film. Everyone loves singing and dancing! 

Arrival oscars swambunkered