Interview with Jason McCarthy, Founder of GoRuck

I’m totally pumped about this interview…some solid material here. Jason McCarthy is the founder of the GoRuck gear company and the GoRuck Challenge, something I’ve blogged about here and here. I’m a big fan of GRC for many reasons, not the least of which is that it changed my perspective on training and being a mentally strong athlete. See my full GoRuck page for an index of posts.

In this interview, Jason talked about the origins of GoRuck and why he does what what he does. He also reveals a few products they have in the pipeline for 2012.

What I like is how passionate Jason is about the team concept and what the GoRuck experience is all about. You can tell, clearly, that GoRuck is not just about profitability or selling bags, but rather about delivering a mindblowing experience and a great product first and foremost. Check it out.

Total time: 31: 46.

Video after the jump.

  • Jared

    Great Job Ben, that is really cool and he seems like a really cool and interesting guy.  I enjoyed doing 083 with you and I got the same thing out of GoRuck as you did as far as pushing myself afterwawrds to new limits that I did not know were possible!!!

  • Awesome interview, can’t wait to own a GR1!

  • Great interview Ben you’re a natural!

  • Fantastic interview.  Thanks Ben. I really enjoyed it.  I’m sending this to a few of my friends who have been on the fence about GRC.

  • Harveypotts

    Great job Ben. I had Jason as cadre in Class 003 NYC and half of 023 in Philly. He’s a great dude and really loves what he does. I kinda had an idea that the Challenge would take off because of its simplicity(which is brillaint). Keep it up Jason!

  • Bryan

    Great interview, really enjoyed it. I’ve done 3 Tough Mudders and am registered for my first GORUCK Challenge for Philly in May. Can’t wait!!!

  • gonnabe

    A couple things stand out to me in this interview:
    – Jason has a really great business mind, he ‘get’s it’ and will be successful
    – He likes the Simpsons…
    Great interview,  

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