Here’s How I Gamed WOD 12.1

The first time I tried it I got 97 reps. That was at seven in the morning when I felt like ass. My knees, quads, and hips were smoked.

Pissed, I gave it another go on Saturday morning. Here’s what I did in a bulleted list:

  • Ate two eggs and two pieces of bacon two hours prior.
  • Popped a Claritin-D.
  • Popped two Tylenol (extra strength)
  • Jogged a 400.
  • Did all of the mobility from the K-Starr video.
  • Extensive hip and hamstring stretching

The pseudoephedrine rush from the Claritin hit me during my warmup. The Tylenol also kicked in so I basically couldn’t feel pain. On Friday I did burpees facing a pullup bar and I had to look up on each rep for the touch. On Saturday I switched to clapping burpees with the bar extending at my 12 o’clock, which allowed me to not lift my head and instead easily center myself under it. I thought that made a difference.

My strategy was simple: balls out for the first two minutes and rack up as many reps as possible. After that it was grind and hang on.

Second go-around was 108 reps. I never want to do it again. It was awful.