Most Swambunkered Players NFL Free Agency

NFL free agency is full swing and players are moving around willy nilly. Here are the top 5 most swambunkered players in NFL who are free agents.

Jimmy Garoppolo

Handsome man Jimmy Garoppolo wins award for most swambunkered, as mighty New England Patriots super bowl winners promise he won’t be traded, but then Garoppolo does late night tweet and says so long to Patriots! Utter swambunkered! Perhaps his twitter got hacked? So sorry for this super bowl winner. Very definition of swambunkered

Jimmy Garoppolo swambunkered

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Definition of Swambunkered (Official)

Definition of swambunkered is impossible to know. One can only experience after deep introspections and reflecting on experience of being swambunkered. Often best if captured in a meme or gif. Swambunkered is defined by actions of persons with knowledge and reaction of the one who is swambunkered thoroughly. Official literary structure of swambunkered is the haiku. So swambunkered.

Swambunkered can be a noun or verb.  

Example usage: “What just happened? So swambunkered.”

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CSS Radio Show 009 – New Year, New Playlist!

Hula HoopNeed some dance music to get dat ass moving? Need to take the Saturday gathering to the next level? I present to you CSS Radio Show 009, the first of the 2017. I really like this one because it starts off with 10 straight heaters to catalyze the fist pumping and rump shaking. All have trap/bass features. The backend of the list has more commercial/pop EDM. 

Also, what’s going on with The Chainsmokers? They pumped out another chart friendly earworm with Paris, released least last week, that sounds nothing like their live show. 

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CSS Radio Show 008 – Best of 2016 Bangers, House, & Hot Tracks

Here’s my mix of favorite EDM and Dance tracks of 2016. I’m sure I’m missing some really great songs…if so, please let me know. This includes a bit of everything, from commercial EDM to trap-y stuff to straight up festival bangers. It also includes a handful of excellent remixes of popular tunes that came out the year before and are well worth listening to. 

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CSS Radio Show 005

CSS Radio Show 005Spotlighted tracks:
Fist Pumper #1: Keep Calm, Jay Karama. This is a serious banger by the Aussie newcomer. Love it.

Fist Pumper #2: WORK IT, Quintino. Ass kicking electro house. This track is so ridic.

Cooldown Track: So Long (feat. Madi), Slushii & Madi. Honorable mention goes to Candyman by Zedd & Aloe Blacc.

Phat Remix: Don’t Let Me Down – Illenium Remix, Chainsmokers, Daya, Illenium. One of those situations where the remix might be better than the original. Be sure to check out the Illenium guest mix on Nice Hair radio 027, which is totally dope.

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