Check this space for my archive of GoRuck posts:

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  • Ryan

    Have you or are you going to purchase a Goruck pack? Its kills me to pay $200 or $300 for a back pack. I’m running the Tampa Challenge later this year.

  • Hey Ryan, I don’t have a GR1 yet, but plan on getting one soon. The upfront cost may seem high, but consider that the pack is super high quality and could last you 20 years or more. That’s $15 per year. Would you pay that for a badass backpack? Plus, I’m big on made-in-America these days, which costs a premium, but is worth it.

  • Sandstorm19d

    Ben – thank you for taking the time to put this together.  The interviews are what actually moved me from the sidelines to the fence.  I was expecting to see linebacker / running back physical specimens, but it seems like winning the genetic lottery isn’t as important as a good training base and heart.

    Wanted to share this with you, not endorsing the program or such, just food for thought.


    And I really was not sure if I wanted to post a comment because I do agree with this: http://www.gymjones.com/knowledge/article/51/

    But I don’t have a better way of saying thank you.

  • Aparker GRG

    Hey Ben fellow GRT here. I recently moved to St Petersburg FL and found there’s a crossfit gym by me. What’s the best way to get them involved and introduce them to what we do. I know nothing about crossfit. Any feedback would be great.

  • Aparker, I would just join the gym and use it for training for future GRC’s. Start talking up the Challenge and see where it gets you.