7 CrossFit Blogs You Should Be Reading

Here are blogs in the CrossFit niche I recommend. These have some combination of good readability, high value content, solid writing style, and a distinct voice, all things I look for in a good blog. Some of these crossover into other subjects, such as Olympic lifting, nutrition, and training in general.

This is by no means a comprehensive list and these are in no particular order. If there’s a site you think is awesome, recommend it in my comments section. I’d love to discover other bloggers.

1. Mobilitywod

Everyone knows about K-Starr’s MWOD site, which is a very good thing. I think this is the gold standard for all blogs everywhere, not just CrossFit. You’ve got extremely high value content published every single day in an easy to digest and implement form. He injects humor and personality. MWOD makes your life better, period. Get on the bandwagon.

I’ve been having a nagging shoulder issue for almost a half year now and this one video helped me rehab tremendously:

YouTube Preview Image

2. Fitbomb

Featuring clean design and excellent photography, Fitbomb is written by a passionate CrossFit and Paleo evangelist out in Palo Alto, and besides those two aforementioned topics, he also injects a lot of personal experience and tidbits about family. He’s got a whole series about the CrossFit Games that drew me into the blog. See his Favorites section for those posts and other goodies.

3. Talktomejohnnie

Talktomejohnnie is written by John Welbourne, a former NFL lineman and the founder of CrossFit Football. I love everything about this blog. It’s aesthetically easy on the eyes, the writing voice is tough, direct, and appealing, and he gives real value with his advice on training and nutrition. For an example, see this terrific post about training goals. All good blogs have a distinct voice and this is one of the best in the niche.

4. Beastmodal Domains

There are two blogs that own the “humor” category in CrossFit, Beastmodal Domains and Drywall, and I consider myself a Beastmodal man, although I consume the humor nuggets of both sites. Beastmodal author “Epic” is a little less ranty and a bit more creative with his foul language than Drywall (Epic uses the term “cockpunch” expertly). Check both out if you need to blow off steam at the office.

Here are two good posts. The first is a thought provoker as well as being hilarious, and helped me figure out what was wrong with my left achilles (here’s a hint: 27″ box jumps): Come At Me, Coach Volume III: High Volume Box Jumps?

The recent Newbie’s Guide to CrossFit is also guffaw inducing.

5. Catalyst Athletics

The official blog of Catalyst Athletics features multiple authors, including Olympic lifting guru Greg Everett. It crosses over into CrossFit, training, and nutrition. I think this is one of the best training-centric blogs out there, bar none, because Greg and his stable of writers publish intelligent, detailed, and high value content. If you’re into serious training, especially Oly lifting, you’ll be overwhelmed by the awesomeness on this blog.

I started taking an Olympic lifting class to supplement my CrossFit and this article really hit home: Integrating the Olympic Lifts with CrossFit

6. Blair Morrison

Blair Morrison’s blog. Besides being a kickass athlete (5th place finisher at this year’s Games), Blair received a Master’s degree from Oxford and played wide receiver for Princeton. He’s big into outdoor adventures and runs a camp called Anywherefit that takes place at cool international locales like Wales and Iceland. Nice! Most of his posts are about his own training, but he’s enough of an outside-the-box thinker (pun intended) that I stop by his blog a couple of times a week just to see what weird new thing he’s doing. He also doesn’t overwrite his stuff so it’s easy to digest.

7. Fit As Fu*k

Based in Denmark, Fit As Fu*k is co-authored by Sarah and Ditte, two CrossFitters who train at CrossFit Butcher’s Garage. They talk training, give tips, and do good blogging stuff like publishing training app roundups and link dumps for gift giving ideas. The blog is easy to read, easy on the eyes, and their topics vary. Also, they give you a bit of an international perspective on the sport, which is cool.

They also have a series of brief interviews going that asks the question of random vs. structured training in CrossFit, which is a big-time question in the sport right now. Check it out here and here.

Honorable Mentions:

What blogs are you reading? Post in comments.


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  • Great list, added some stuff to my reading feed. Thanks!

    One thing though, your link to Fit As Fu*k is broken, you have double http:// there: http://cl.ly/0n1X2N3H1l1b3D2g0g2s 

  • Anton, thanks, fixed. 

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  • Noah

    Now it appears to have been hacked?

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  • Been a huge fan of Fit As Fu*k lately. Really liked the 20 steps to becoming a CrossFitter post.

  • Unrealizedpotential

    I think I’d definitely have Rudy’s Outlaw blog on the main list. The amount of effort that he obviously puts into his daily workouts is admirable at the very least and his rants are epic. Not to mention, the number of athletes and teams that he has at the games right now is ridiculous. He must be on to something.

  • Beastmodal was shut down, but luckily his archives were posted by someone else for our pleasure.  bmdarchives.xfitflaws.com.

  • Bray

    Has anybody heard of Tri-Plybox plyo boxes? They
    have been popping up in local stores, and from the looks of their FB page they
    seem pretty new. They feel real sturdy, but just wanted to get some feedback
    before I bought one. They are a hell of a lot cheaper than Rouge.


  • Robz

    Why are the recognized fitness domains In this order order? Cardiovascular and Respiratory endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy.

  • Josh

    One that I constantly read is http://crossfitworkouts.co. Geared towards beginners.

  • JFWodafther.blogspot.com

  • bryn

    try this on for size! we call it the Ponzi scheme.10 deeadlifts(50kg),20 pull ups,30 power squats(30kg),40 plank rows(8kg),50 jump squats,60 push press,70 push ups,80 wall balls(10kg),90 burpees,100 cal.row TIME – 30’26” Bryn Freeman – 70kg triathlete – program designed by Enver Johns

  • Viznat

    the naked crossfitter runs a great blog. Hilarious yet honest

  • http://www.fashletics.com has a great blog too. Features Fashlete of the month with great stories.


    Great choices. I subscribe to some of them already. Thanks again! http://Www.Facebook.com/tytwod


    Have you guys checked out http://www.civilianmilitarycombine.com. If you do crossfit you will love this event.

  • Ashley

    If you love representing CrossFit, you shoudl check out http://www.smartwod.com They have some seriously soft t-shirts you can rock around the box

  • jersey75

    I have been working on my own blog. Crossfit has changed my life and wanted to share it.


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  • Going to share this with my followers. Thanks for the post!

  • staceyt

    These are really great blog suggestions. They should help me get started with my cross fit training.

  • Smith Decon

    http://www.rx-d.co.uk is good in the UK.

  • Aaron Murray

    what do u think is the hardest crossfit workout?

  • Brad Mcleod

    CrossFit bodyweight and endurance workouts with a military twist:

  • mike

    Mobility WOD is the greatest!

    Michael Boettger
    Senior Coach
    Providing CrossFit, Weightlifting, and Fitness in Columbia, Laurel, and Fulton, MD

  • Jordan Benson

    Loving some of the WODs on this site. Well rounded crossfit workouts

  • Jordan Benson

    The FitBomb Blog

  • Jacob
  • Konstantin

    Cool Blogs…if u lookin fpr a german one, you should probably check out
    On the blog you find different workouts (beginners to experts) and a lot of other stuff that helps your fitness (nutrition etc.)

  • Us Crossfit Club

    Great beginner crossfit workouts: http://uscrossfitclub.com/beginner-crossfit-workouts/

    One of the best workouts for the newbies who want to get fit.

  • shane williams

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  • Jose

    You may also be interested in the following newsletter. http://www.crossfitternewsletter.com. They provided a weekly email with a list of articles by many of the top blogs in the CrossFit community.

  • Chad Gookin

    Thanks for the list. Found a few that I hadn’t seen before. Hopefully, you can add mine to you list at some point down the road (it’s only been a month). http://www.chad-fit.com/. I’m also a big fan of barbellshrugged.

  • Shaun Samonini

    Nice list. Its a helpful list to choose a comfortable fitness center and blogs.

  • Salvador Ruiz Palmones

    Infowod is one of the leader magazines in spanish http://infowod.com/

  • Barbell Central

    Here’s an updated list for 2017 https://www.barbellcentral.com/blogs/